Last Day

Last day of typing blogs. It was fun and radical. This blogging project made me blog for the first time. What is the meaning of memes. Are they here for a bigger purpose than just entertaining us. I hope for an answer in the future.


Awesome Blog

This is about this blog i’m typing which I have put much effort and work through it. So I hope you like this blog I’m typing. I have typed enough now though.




















































You have reached the depths of dank memes.

Osmosis Jones

In my science class, my class and I watched a movie called “Osmosis Jones”. Its about cells from a body acting like humans. Bill Murray is in this movie and stars as Frank whose body has these cells.

Bill and Ted

In my GT investigation class, my class and I watch a movie called “Bill and Ted”. We didn’t finish the movie yet but the beginning he movie was very funny. The movie is about 2 students who are Bill and Ted going back in time to finish their report.

Brain Games

In science class, my class and I watched a show called “Brain Games”. Its a very interesting show that has illusions and trick questions.























Spring Break

In Spring Break, my family and I went to see a movie. I don’t remember what the movie was but when we we’re watching it, the movie got interrupted by Ronald Mcdonald. He got kicked out by security and we got to see the rest of the movie.


Lunch today was good. I had a chicken sandwich, tater tots, and milk. The tater tots were crispy and the sandwich was tasty. Drinking the milk was refreshing too.


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